Exercise and Marijuana

Exercising high has it’s own benefits and issues just like every other thing. Let’s not look into that today as there are a hundred thousand posts already written about that.

Although there is no experimental research done on this topic yet, I’d like to share my personal experience exercising high.

Exercising high is a fun thing to do. I’ve observed that I push myself harder when I’m high than when I’m sober. Exercising high felt easier compared to doing it sober because pain is reduced to a great extent because of the weak functioning of nociceptors (pain receptors). It’s great as it helps me focus on the exercise better. I drink a lot of water during my weight training, so a dry throat isn’t a problem at this point. Do you know what else a stoner enjoys when high? Music!! Ofcourse I play my favorite playlist and try completing my workout irrespective of how sore my muscles are.

But like a coin has two sides, there are disadvantages of doing this as well.
It’s so easy to hurt yourself when exercising high. You might misjudge the weights and be indecisive about the weight that’s right for your workout. I was so high once, I deadass dropped a 15kg dumbell on my chest. Damn, that hurt bad…. Although this happened only once, I think such accidents are very dangerous and might cause permanent damage. So I strongly recommend you to always take the help of a spotter for your bench press and other big exercises. (Especially if you’re high af)

Smoking weed was never supposed to be a question of moral behaviour and hopefully, will not be in the future. One needs to understand the effects of this plant on our bodies completely before using it for any purpose whatsoever.

For those of you still wondering how I dropped a 15kg dumbbell on myself, I was exercising at home, had no spotter and it was an accident. Luckily I was using a really good pair of dumbbells which had excellent grip to hold on to and it made it easier to pick them up and help myself. Check out a pair here: https://amzn.to/2DiHNIG

See you here next week. Stay tuned!!

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