First two weeks: Making a new routine

So, this post is only an update on my fitness journey in the first two weeks. I’ve started off a simple four day schedule – 3 weight training days (plus little cardio) & 1 cardio day. It was exciting as this was a new schedule that I know I’ll enjoy (yet again! 😛 ).

The first week was really fun and motivation was not a problem at all! I started lifting weights on the first day itself. I was really sore after the first workout and as days passed, it just got more difficult. I felt so lazy to go to the gym and there were days when I actually missed the workout. But I made sure I worked out atleast three times a week.

The major problem I’m facing with this program is adjusting my cardio sessions after every/most workouts. I get so tired by the end of weight training. I should overcome this and start including small cardio sessions day by day. But on the other side, the advantage with the workout I’m following is, all the weight training excercises are simple and effective.

The diet was also a problem in the beginning because of the choice of food and cooking time. I ate an ice-cream almost every alternate day and hogged on snacks and other stuff. It felt so good when I ate them but regretted doing so later (xD xD)

Apart from all this, by the end of Week-2, I felt slightly stronger. I can now lift much more than I used to during the first few days. No change in physical appearance at all. Entering Week-3 in two more days and excited to see how it goes.

I shall tag the link to my transformation pictures in the next update.

Three of the most important factors that play a major role in the fitness journey are,
1. Warm-up/Stretching (before, after and even during workout)
2. Nutritious diet
3. Consistency

Now go on and #dothething


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