Starting out with Fat Loss Journey…

I don’t even have to mention it, but we all can agree over the fact that we hate doing cardio at the gym. Did you know that gyms offer more memberships than they can actually accommodate in their space? That’s because they are quite confident that most of them won’t even show up after the first few weeks. Surprised?

Anyway, this concept has made me wonder why people are not consistent when it comes to keeping their body healthy and active. The answer is simple – Lack of Motivation. Motivation plays a big role when it comes to things that take time to yield results. The most difficult part is continuing being self-motivated even when there is no sign of progress towards our goal. It took me time to figure the answer to this ridiculous problem but at the end of the day, I did(It feels good to share something that worked for you). Do you remember the time when we played football on the streets all day long without actually caring about anything else? Yes, we do. What I’m trying to convey is ‘Interest‘ is THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR that plays a major role in the process of achieving your goal. When we’re interested in something, we tend to often lose track of time and other things because of how our mind is involved in doing that particular activity.

Jumping Rope a.k.a. skipping was the most fun thing I loved doing as a kid. But as I grew older, I stopped skipping and it was finally forgotten until something I’ve seen online reminded me of that fun game. Did you know that Jumping Rope burns 10 calories every minute and burns around 200 calories only in just two 10 minute workouts? It’s really amazing what one session of jumping rope can do to our body that even hours of running cannot. Jumping rope is the most fun and coolest thing to learn as it not only helps with fat-loss but also helps you build lean muscle along with the fat-loss.

There are so many advantages of jumping rope to stay healthy. Some of them are:
1. It’s fun! Duh
2. No need for large space. A 6/6 space is enough for one to jump rope.
3. No equipment required apart from a jump rope (which is also cheap lol). Check out my favorite jump rope in the link below. It only costs around a dollar and works like a beast. Link for the rope:-
4. It is the most effective methods to burn fat faster in shorter periods of time. Jumping rope for an hour can burn over 1,000 calories!!!

And for your lazy ass to move, I’m gonna start off my jump rope journey along with you starting right from today. Please be open minded about the results and always remember – Patience is the Key. Let’s see who’ll get their abs popping first. Kill it! B-)

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