Is not stressing out a skill?

Stress has been a major cause for increase in the number of Blood-Pressure and Diabetes (sugar) cases for a long time. This is especially observed in working class of our society. Have you ever wondered if there is an escape from such negative pressures in life? Fortunately it’s very simple and the answer lies within yourself.

Human beings are the smartest living things on earth and there is a reason why we believe that we have no limits for our physical and mental ability. Your mind is a beautiful place and it needs to be taken care similar to how the body needs care.

One needs to understand themselves by finding out what actually makes them happy. It’s very important for us to do this as we humans need purpose to live our life. Be responsibilities, interests etc. Each one of us need purpose which is the prime motivator to wake us up the next day and push us to work harder than the day before. Now, beating stress is more simple than ever with so much information available to us on our favourite devices. 😉

Meditation is proven to be the most effective ways to calm the mind and improve our health. When you meditate, the entire body is synchronous to every breath you take. Meditating for 10 to 15 minutes every morning (yes, early morning) can change your life drastically over time. This is not a blind belief but a proven method which leads us to a happier life. So go on and wake up earlier than usual and gift yourself the most precious 10 minutes of the day that can have a great positive impact on your life and make you successful at what you do.

Stress in inevitable for all of us. Without stress there is no scope for development in any aspect of life. But one should realise that it needs to be guided and used in the right way and in our interest for us to be successful and happy in life. So go on and Live Life.

Growing through stress in life is analogous to rowing upstream. Once you stop rowing, you only go backwards.

2 thoughts on “Is not stressing out a skill?

  1. Hello Puneeth, It’s great to meet you. I really enjoyed reading this post about being overly stressed. I have found that simply being aware of when I am overwhelmed and overstressed and then taking action to slow down has helped tremendously. A little bit of stress will fuel the fire. Too much stress can burn us out.

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    1. Thank you so much!! Stress cannot be avoided sometimes and I think everybody should be aware of the dangers of over-stressing ourselves. I agree with you because I do something similar when I see myself getting tensed for something.

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